Hall of Fame

David Gully FWCF (United Kingdom)

There is hardly a person across Europe and internationally who has not heard the name of David

Gully. There is hardly a European competition he hasnt entered and there are many a trophy with

his name on it.

David started his farriery training whilst working as a farrier in the Army where he worked under

the Royal Army Veterinary Core for nine years.

Upon leaving the army he immediately set up a forge in the village of Thorpe Satchville in

Leicestershire where he still lives today with his wife Judy.

Always a teacher, David has trained over twenty four apprentices, all to the same high standards

that he has maintained throughout his working life. The list is impresive and includes Gary Darlow,

Joe Bryant and Cecil Swan and also his son Michael, all farriers who have gone on to be respected

in their own right.

In 1977 David achieved the highest qualification in English farriery, the Fellowship of the

Worshipfull Company of Farriers and has examined and judged to his high standard for many


David has been a lifelong supporter of the National Association of the Farriers, Blacksmiths and

Agricultural Engineers, now BFBA and in 19?? became President of the Association here at


Carriage driving was one of Davids passions and he used to compete four in hand for many years

and has only stopped as recently as last year.

He has given many lectures and clinics in the USA and is added to the International Horseshoeing

Hall of Fame run by the American Farriers Association.

But it was here in Europe where he is also respected. He was among the founding fathers of EFFA

and apart from being the UK representative he was made president of EFFA from the AGM in

Saumur in 2008 till 2010.

It was in 2011 when David retired from the EFFA Board and EFFA at the Barcelona AGM.

Developing a common basic standard of competence in farriery, to improve the welfare of the horse by

encouraging the highest standards of trimming and shoeing in Europe and beyond.

In 2016 David was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Farriers Foundation Charity in

the UK.

He is very popular at dinner functions and can always gather a big group of people around him by

producing a large round Stilton Cheese that he would gladly cut a piece for anyone who wants

some, and it is usually a big crowd.

David has been a large part of European farriery, a Teacher, Examiner, Competitor, Judge and

friend. Now into his eighties he has stopped shoeing but still gets around the anvil to move some