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Rules of the EFFA Accreditation Board
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EC Recognition of Professional Qualifications

The European Commission has produced rules relating to the recognition of professional qualifications, and the ability to practise in other member nations.
The basic regulation is EC Directive 2005/36, where farriery, although not mentioned by name, comes under Annex IV, List I, Major Group 35.
This directive has been subsequently amended by EC Directive 2013/55.

Farriery Training and Regulatory Systems in European Nations

In 2009, the member associations of EFFA were asked to complete a questionnaire covering the training and regulatory systems for farriery in their countries, and providing information on the numbers of horses and farriers.

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Guidelines for EFFA educational event

Rules for EFFA Championship

European Multi-National Rules and Associations

Regulatory Consultations and Alliances

Mutual Recognition Of Professional Qualifications:
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Agreement Between EFFA and the Federation of European Equine Veterinary Associations: